Three Blue Books

Jan 14, 2021

Book 1: Mongolia's today - modern Issues 1
Book 2: Mongolia's future - modern issues 2
Book 3: Mongolia's yesterday - modern issues 3

Three series of books answered, "who is a Mongolian? and where it stands in world history?" 

The first book deals with today's problems and answer to those, while the second book talks about what is waiting for us tomorrow. When you have a full understanding of today, only now you can imagine tomorrow. Are we ready for the future that is coming no matter what? and what issues are important to discuss in preparation of this future.  Third book try to answer "who were we?" Why do we have to ask this question? Now it is possible to answer why are we like this today.



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Daniel Lewi5 min ago

Very interesting and informative article on design. I learned a lot of new and interesting.

Jessica Miller1 min ago

I agree, a very interesting article. Thank you very much! nerd

Henry William15 min ago

Thanks for the good article. Looking forward to new ones.

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