Shopenhauer reading 2017-2018

Aug 17, 2021

The book "The World as Will and Representation" was translated from English and we talked about what actually will is.The will is the driving force of a person, if there is no will, then there is a lack of profession, knowledge, and life. Work without will, friendship without will are all incomplete. Students without will wait for diploma.  So will is a very important concept. Person with will is whole person. Of course, if you did not have the will by yourself, then it is manipulation, persuasion, in one word, you are manipulated by money to be fearfully have will. Children and youth need to be taught to have strong will from early age. Otherwise, there will be stubborn people everywhere in the society and saying that I did not want it. If you did not study to have a will, end of your life you will be left with disappointment, regret and frustration. 

So everyone needs "Free Will" as if freedom to have a will. Otherwise,  didn't study well, didn't love well,  didn't live well.


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