“Philosophy, Art, Society“ lecture

Aug 17, 2021

The topic of "Philosophy, Art, and Society" covers more topics than in previous years, and discusses solution to today's capitalism's problems. Solution that consider  aesthetics in art of philosophy and the psychology of social media.

1. Who am I? Metaphysics to Lana del Rey
2. What do I know? What can I learn? Plato, Aristotle
3. What do I want? Philosophy of Art: Malevich
4. Utopia and Dystopia Blade Runner film
5. The difference between culture and art.
6. How to live? Buddha, Dao, Al Farabi, Zarathustra
7. New society, civilization and enlightenment: Marx
8. Business philosophy and management psychology: Sigmund Freud
9. Company Education and Human Resources: Tom Peters
10. Internet and Virtual Reality, blockchain: Zuckerberg
11. Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Posthumanism: Zizek



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