Three White Books

Jan 08, 2021

Book 1: World, Thought, Knowledge / Concepts of Cognition and Human mind /

Book 2: Mind, Reason, Virtue / Concepts of Ethics and Human mind /

Book 3: Opinion, Feeling, Creativity / Concepts of Aesthetics and Human mind /

1. The first volume, “The World, Thoughts and Knowledge”, tells the story of how we humans from birth meet, know, understood the world. As human cognition increases, it becomes clear that the world is neither mysterious nor magical, and there is no need to be afraid. He explained that the secret of the world was no longer an unsolved mystery.

The Thoughts section explains how people think in life and why we must think and it is impossible to get rid of thoughts. If you can't think deeply in modern times, you will find it difficult to keep up with everything.

The Knowledge section of the book provides explanation of theoretical and real-life opportunities for self-study, and becoming knowledgeable. One can be without knowledge, everyone does not know first, don’t forget, if you learn you will have knowledge. When knowledge reaches a high level, it becomes a professional field. For example, the natural sciences and anthropology. It stated clearly in the book when you get knowledge, you will have education. By getting an education, you can get rid of the misconceptions of tales, religion and superstition. This is the purpose of education.

2. This book, called “Mind, Reason, Virtue”, is about how a person comes to his senses and learns one’s own mind. The human mind is not given, and cannot be developed by force. Freedom is needed for the development of the human mind. Where there is no freedom, the ability to expansion of the mind is limited. People do many unconscious acts and decisions. Saying things unconsciously is one example. But you can be aware of your unconsciousness.

The section on Reason describes and explain how a person can become mature and conscious and its requirements. Reason is a prestigious word and a great moral concept. Conscious living and thinking consequences beforehand is all should be based upon morality.

In the section called Virtue, one should get acquainted with what Virtue is. Virtue is an ancient concept of humankind, and everything from religion to science comes from virtue. Therefore, the concepts of wisdom, justice, and respect are all abilities of person with virtue. Such people are called people with wisdom, and from ancient times we call them ancestors.

3. This book called “Opinion, Feeling, Creativity”, explains what human opinion is. Of course opinion is formed in the human mind, no one can see, feel, or know it. Therefore, a person must show, express, and communicate one’s opinion. It is already a modern requirement for a person to freely say that I have such opinion, and for the other person to receive it. So no one should hide, suppress, or conceal their opinion. In justice, you have the right to say your opinion to anyone in anytime.

In Feeling section explains the human feeling in detail and stated that it is a special .Some people feel deeper than others and we are able to see human emotions. Of course, there is a time to hide one’s feeling and not reveal anything to be in justice. Especially it is important to know when to reveal, hide and limit big emotions like love in everyday life. Feeling is different than perception. It is explained in the book. Besides, feeling is not only for emotional and flexible people concept. There is no gender and age in feelings. Everyone has feeling and it has to have equality.

In Creativity section, human creativity has played a key role in the development of culture, science, art, and literature until to this day. If person has no creativity, we would have been living in cave still, unable to create city. Anyone has ability to create. The next question is whether there is freedom and equality to be creative. Don't forget that children will develop their own talents, if they are able to provided by creativity from an early age.




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Very interesting and informative article on design. I learned a lot of new and interesting.

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Thanks for the good article. Looking forward to new ones.

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