2019 Philosophy lecture course are over

Aug 18, 2021

The 2019 Philosophy Lecture course ended on this Saturday. This year's lecture closed with a glass of champagne at the Academy of Philosophy.
Without philosophy, mankind today would still be in the Stone Age.
Without philosophy, democracy, communism, and capitalism would be impossible.
Without philosophy,we would not know liberty, egality and justice.
If there is no philosophical questions,and there is no opportunity to those questions, people today would have no choice but to say yes or no, like robots or monks, who use the same words and same thinking.
Without philosophy, stupid kings would rule, and superstitious shamans would dominate society, and the country today would not have cities, without development, without education, without knowledge, without consciousness, without morality.
The time is approaching when Mongolians will appreciate philosophy, understand the value of philosophy and be thankful of what philosophy has done for the mankind.



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