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Aug 18, 2021



Philosophy textbook №1

About the book "Being and Time"

The book "Being and Time, is the first book in a series of books. After the German philosopher Heidegger wrote and published “Being and Time” and it brought him great fame. His book is called the greatest philosophical book of the 20th century. It really brought a huge shock to the field of philosophy. “Being and Time” has been a very effective book. This book has become a textbook for philosophers not only in Europe but also in America and Japan. “Being and Time” book brought new insights not only in the field of philosophy, but also in the field of law, art, and linguistics. It had a huge impact on the field of psychology. Structuralism, poststructuralism, deconstruction, and postmodernism get important concepts from this book. Following the example of “Being and Time” the French philosopher Sartre wrote “Being an Nothingness” and the German-American philosopher Erich Fromm wrote a book called “To have or To be”. Those books were able to use the concept of "being" as a measure of the good and bad of society.



Philosophy textbook №2

About the book "Being and Nothingness"

The Philosophy Textbook series is intended to provide an overview of what the field of philosophy is working on and what topics are important in the future. It is a series of books on the history of philosophy, philosophical theory, philosophical concepts and philosophical fields. In this book, the concept of "being", the greatest subject of philosophy, is translated from Sartre's book into a textbook format.

End of the book, there are questions for discussion. Sartre used the term "Nothingness" to bring along term "Being." This book brought him great fame. Many of his works are derived from this book. As a commentary on this book, Sartre wrote many literature books, drama play and creative work. The reason we call it creative work is because it spread to the public. However, many people do creative work, but public don’t get it; we would not call it creative work. Obviously Sartre has many creative works.

According to Sartre, self-creation beyond existentialism is, as he puts it, is an important that anyone should be one’s own "project." Human being existence alone is not enough. But after that there must be an essence. It is important to understand that it is important to "being" first and then "becoming". Existentialism at that time changed the way we perceived the world and became a new way of life, in another word, it became trend. It is also known as the movement of existentialism.




Philosophy textbook №3

About the book “To have or To be”

This book continues the important themes of the German philosopher Heidegger's "Being and Time" and the French philosopher "Sartre's Being and Nothingness" published as a previous textbook.

Erich Fromm used only two concepts, "To have or To be," to analyze society philosophically, sociologically, religiously, and psychologically, and showed solutions to exit from many illusions.

In this book, Erich Fromm explains the great difference between saying "To have" and "To be" in relation to many social issues from a philosophical point of view. His book has become one of the books that should be read again and again and discovered again and again.

Here are some quotes from Erich Fromm:

  • Knowledge is going from the surface to the depths. This will allow you to access the root cause
  • Knowledge is knowing that human emotions are unreliable and after that destroy all the illusions.
  • If I show who I am by what I own and possess, after losing it all, now then who am I?
  • Where there is greed, there is no peace.



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