“The benefits of art“ lecture

Aug 23, 2021

 "The benefits of art" lecture hosted in the art gallery

There was a meeting where I gave a lecture "The Benefits of Art". The purpose of the event is in the Art Gallery of the Central Palace of Culture - after the lecture, to talk with young people, comment on Mongolian paintings that are considered art, and answer the question whether they really belong to the field of art.

Our meeting ended almost at 18:00, arguments were heated up and when we went out into the street, it was already dark.

The time has come for art that looks ahead, imagines the future, develops aesthetic senses, communicates knowledge, not last but least cultivates.


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Daniel Lewi5 min ago

Very interesting and informative article on design. I learned a lot of new and interesting.

Jessica Miller1 min ago

I agree, a very interesting article. Thank you very much! nerd

Henry William15 min ago

Thanks for the good article. Looking forward to new ones.

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