Presentation of the book “Egality - Equal chances“

Aug 23, 2021

Presentation of the book “Egality - Equal chances" took place at "Ulan Bator" hotel in April 13, 2018

I express my gratitude to everyone who came.

This book is for Mongolians. A book that answers all the problems you face today. If such a book had been written 100 years ago, Mongolians would have been able to get rid of all backwardness, such as nobles, rich people, owners and officials. Unfortunately, equality only started during the socialism and destroyed during the democratic years.Today, the Mongolians have returned to the state of 100 years ago, and have once again created a new feudalism by praising people like nobles, owners and riches. Democracy itself was a cover-up of feudalism, as evidenced by the prosecution of former government officials.The biggest defeat is that Mongolians have no equal right. The rich and the kings are always stupid. That is why the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Cultural Revolution were all for equality. Because freedom is only possible after there is equal rights. Every Mongolian must demand equal rights. The time has come to state equality in the Constitution, to explain equality in all textbooks, and to make every child be aware of equality. All the problems that are happening in Mongolia today are directly related to the violation of equal rights. It's time for everyone to speak out. Without equal rights, it is impossible to talk about freedom. Equality first, then freedom is possible.



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