I’m embarrassed each time I see Chinggis statue on “Sukhbaatar“ Square

Jan 05, 2018

Few years ago I wrote my book “We Need Ethic of Chinggis”, which was about Chinggis irrelevant to Mongolia, rather people who think their origin is from Mongolia needs the myth of Chinggis.

Mongolians need to be grateful for historical people like Sukhbaatar, Choibalsan, Tsedenbal, not a myth called Chinggis. Why is the whole nation suppressing historical people who built Ulaanbaatar city since 1924 by believing and getting lost in myth called Chingis?

Shouldn’t we leave behind the false and outdated myth Chingis, if we want to create our future?

It is impossible to change history; therefore it is impossible to create a false fairytale by oppressing historical people who created Mongolia under the name of socialism. However, it is possible to overestimate, change and exaggerate myth of Chingis.

There is a question of who really knows what happened 800 years ago.

Every Mongolian citizen should not forget where they come from, who were they before, now who they have become. Everyone should be grateful for socialism.

It doesn’t matter whether people name vodka and hotel after Chinggis and get rich. However, it must be impossible to forget the people who built the first capital city Ulaanbaatar. One shouldn’t be ungracious like this.

It isn’t Chingis who secure this territory. At that time, it must have been impossible to live in the yurt in such a cold weather. Maybe “tsaatan” people can live.

Chinggis is a myth. It is embarrassing to see naming an airport after Chinggis and putting his portrait in front of it. Whose face did they draw? How can we explain whose face it is to foreigners? It is impossible to escape history. The National Museum of History will not succeed in hiding much of the socialist creation.

People worshipping Chinggis as their ancestry in foreign country are their matter. Their freedom. However, Mongolia isn’t work of Chingis. If one wishes good for the future of Mongolia, one need to talk about real construction of Sukhbaatar, Choibalsan and Tsedenbal, but not Chinggis.

The time has come for Mongolia to leave myth behind. A responsible historical time has come to re-create the future of Mongolia with China and Russia.

Year 2018 is waiting us to create and construct the future. I hope that everyone will help as much as possible in upcoming year.


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