Today Mongolians are sitting around fire in cave talking about fairytale and superstition

Aug 24, 2018


Mongolia came back to the way it was 100 years ago. Along with chaos, it became a country of western thiefs and robbers.

We tore down the civil and human life we found with 70 years of socialism just in 20 years. Western people with nice name tags so called “advisor and manager” ruined a society with respect, love, order, discipline, embarrassment under the name of democracy.

Mongolia fed the fire they set on. Two neighbors were shocked and laughed.

Western countries treated Mongolia in the same low level of Asian, American and Latin American colonized countries and caused chaos and called it “advice”. And young people who followed them and cadres from old socialist put Mongolia in the list of poorest countries. We received western money washers and further served them under the name of “revolution of 1990”. Young people followed them and shouted against their parents, degraded constructions, soon following America, and became no one by saying Mongolia will become “tiger of Asia” or Singapore. Culture was destroyed and monks increased.

Mongolia was degraded by this so called Democracy and young people forgot who they were and where they come from. Young people who grew up in Ulaanbaatar together with young people who just came from the countryside did this. When a young man turns wrong just once, nothing can help. Time will show, what can I say. It won’t work even if you cover the bad things by political career success.

In 1990, people created songs complaining about suffering, struggle and oppression under socialism. President named Ochirbat welcomed and hugged western thiefs, from there bad things started. After them, slaves of Milton Fridman and Soros came, destroyed politics, then loansharks of Fridman arrived; therefore Mongolia was harmed by sin of neoliberalism, which destroys all good things of the world. At that time, Russia and China were just wondering about us. No one mentioned their help. Even old people called communists from socialism were also running after western young people and dying their hair.

Western countries ignored the fact that only socialism created Mongolia and gave us good life. They make Mongolia back to feudalist country from prospering country even though they did not have better solution than socialism.

Most rude, animalistic, and wild life happened in 1990. The act to destroy the Mongolian constructed society started from braggart young people talks about “gold and dealer” who grew up in Ulaanbaatar. These braggart young people along with their rural relatives destroyed 70 years of construction just in 10 years under the name of privitizations.

Young people who must have studied in countries such as Russia, Poland were affected by western advertisements and left their goal of knowledge and education by becoming absurd dealers. Since they cannot have it by studying, they created deals of doctoral titles and diplomas by paying. Education was degraded, therefore a penniless man became the dumbest man. Such a low life which says “you are nobody if you don’t have money” happened nowhere in the world but Mongolia.

Foolishness reached high level in 1990 and human moral reached low level, in which families were ruined, wives and children were stolen. Riches were born suddenly, shouting to create capitalism and act like they live forever and buy everything with money, love by money, prayed to god by money and bring this filthy life in Mongolia. Even, people changed their name with tribal name. One day, people with different tribal name from the same family started discriminating each other.

This is how we became the first people in the history of humanity to destroy themselves. It is difficult to be called people of Mongolia when they don’t have liberty, rather puppets and slaves. Under the brainwashing of election, which says you will choose your party, families became slave in the name of politicization.

In 1990, we believed in such idiot young people, America sent us aid plane full of flours, which we made buuz in “Tsagaan Sar”. Soon Americans were shocked at the fact that North Mongolia has flour factories, farmer class and tractors. Therefore western countries brainwashed and tricked country which is unconsciously tricked by anarchist young people must be saved with the magical word democracy, so started big demolitions of the industrial and agricultural country. Big excitement happened after big demolition. Party chiefs started showing off their “huurug” and glittering their “deel” started the life with “deel”. Young men are bragging, old were embarrassed, that is the last 20 years of Mongolia.

Sole value called money possessed everyone in North Mongolia and life lower than animals begin. New concept on repression of democracy will derive if there is registration of numbers of people who commited suicide due to wrong policy of the state, became alcoholics, were murdered at their door. People tell me to write about good things and be optimistic. How? Are we going the hide our bad under the rug? Reveal good instead of hiding badly. Those who are guilty must feel shame. Dostoevsky has a book called “Crime and Punishment”.

In 20 years of democracy, fathers stopped being father and mothers stopped being mother, grandfather isn’t grandfather anymore. Finally, a child isn’t child anymore. We became a country without simple moral understanding. Social rules and ethics are destroyed. Who will try to create good things by working with concentration, when they are living in “crowd”, not in a society? Everybody is stressed and depressed. Fallacy is absorbed in the sky of Mongolia. People create useless clubs, traveling around, escaping from your own country by months and years. Only in foreign country, they met human life.

Reason why Mongolia has become a place without soul and peace, filled with people after money, even a monk talking about money is because of manipulation of “free market”. So called economists/ professors from National Universities, who cannot understand a single book in English, confuse banks and finance with economy. They like to talk about a big economicist Hayek. People who understood nothing have a tendency to exaggerate. Yet economy isn’t tyranny between people in the name of competition. Economy is developing by helping and supporting each other, not by competition. Selfishnes and going solely for self profit, there cannot be common profit; therefore it can never be named as economy. Economy was made for the good of society. Isn’t this what Adam Smith wrote?

All structures including buildings, industries and civilian preparing organizations like universities, knowledge, education, morality, kindergarten created by China and Russia and all structures to educate children and young people were destroyed. There are even people who own kindergartens.

Today we are in huge intellectual problem, in which we are oppressed by superstition and slaved by foreign monasteries and churches like 100 years ago. Thousands of who learned to colonize poor countries came under the name of business, banks and finances and completely ruined Mongolia. A lie called bond derived. Mongolia is now a country who believes in supersitions, demolishes library and build monasteries and churches. Last big businessman monk called Purevbat built a church not far from Ulaanbaatar and followed the behavior of monk, which chase money.


So Mongolia, excluded from education and knowledge, is now drinking alcohols and playing cards, driving cars. Therefore life has no meaning and goal. People are washing their meaningless lives with vodka named after Chingis. Mongolia became aware and felt shame after they saw how they tore down the value of peaceful life they had in socialism after 20 years of democracy and today they escaped to useless myth of ancentry, custom and tradition. With shame, they blamed China and Russia and looking at never coming America with expecting eyes. They seem to dreaming of moving Mongolia near Mexico.

Today, Mongolia seems to be sitting around a fire in a cave where myths are told. Inside the cave, they wrote a book called history which is actually fairy tales; they even called it a textbook. Since I am talking about Mongolian history, I only like to talk about medieval history after Chinggis, but I don't like to talk about modern history. Chinggis is the only history, because we are ashamed to admit that we destroyed our value.

The concepts of history, social science, and medicine have been misused. This is where the problem of the Mongolian mind is lost. To this day, Mongolians have lost their mind without being able to explain the processes in the human brain. Concept of mind is further confused with consciousness, and the distinction between the two important concepts is blurred. Mind is a process that must develop in the human brain, and it is a psychological concept. If we can't develop the mind, we will be left behind, so we need the concepts of education and pedagogue.

Reason is a philosophical concept compared to human mind. Therefore it is time to put history of Mongolia closer to philosophical concept from psychological concept. Here lies the deep confusion of Mongolia. Reason is further related to moral and ethic. It is important that human action must have reason; therefore it is important to become reasonable. Therefore instead of saying science of history, we need to talk about reason of history, so that we can reasonably write about history. So how to create a reasonable history with our two neighbors China and Russia?

Unless Russia and China study and make general conclusion on all books of Mongolia, Mongolia will keep putting all its repression, errors and mistakes on its two neighbors and fell down to big black hole of history and understood themselves as having done nothing wrong. Mongolia spent 20 years by talking about Chinggis instead of moving forward and developing. They praised themselves of killing and destroying Russia and China with the understanding that they must only defraud and trick the world. Supersitious people so called artists bragged and became shaman even misused math and physics.

In the last 20 years, bank and finance loansharks, the wildest monster of capitalism which is neoliberalism tried to destroy ruin Russia and China, but they could not. They were even able to get back into global stage. They fought against wild capitalism and trying to save their people, on the other hand Mongolia just gifted themselves to foreign loansharks.

While Western loansharks arrived in Mongolia and played with bragging young boys, why the state didn’t take advice from Russia and China and took measure against them? The state was tricked by words from Soros’s Open Society and gave their country to biggest thief in the world. One certain person bragged it as capitalism or free economy. I heard that he also bragged about his theft in Hong Kong.

Mongolia is clueless of the fact that they will feeded by Russia and China, however bragging about how they translated useless American books. Country with brat boys is like this.

Mongolia copied useless people in far away instead of learning from Russia and China. Then, misadvertised Chinese open economy policy and destroyed their factories. Not only that, Russian prestroika was also misused and broke their own politic structure. Not only young people participated but also old political cadres from socialism were involved and commited a sin.

While Mongolia was fighting among them, foreign loansharks came and partied hard. So called western researchers actually exploiters said Mongolia is transitional country. Transitioning from where to what? Unable to create open developmental economy from privatization like China, Mongolia destroyed all industries and facility equipments are transported to China. What transition? Transiting resources to abroad?

Mongolia sent young people to study abroad only recently during socialism and tried to become a real country, yet happened last 20 years of confusion, really anarchism which called democratic revolution threw away Mongolia back to feudalism by making people understand that Polish port workers’ strike as democratic revolution.

Perestroika was needed in Russia after winning two big wars. Also western violence to destroy Soviet Union was too strong, therefore it fell down. But Russia remained to hold itself, countries they used to feed were left behind and became war happening, poorest and most conflicted countries in the world. Even Mongolia was left behind like those countries and became a joke country which is far from education and only eats drinks, celebrates holidays and give out awards.

Mongolia was a social democratic country. If it came out on Chingis Square with the intention to become capitalist democratic country, then where are industries that will take them to capitalism?

Capitalists cannot be born without industry. Without birth of capitalists, then how you become a capitalist country? How can a country which cannot speak beyond loan, credit and bond have economy? Economy means being based on work, producing surplus value. And by the measurement of surplus value and tax, a country lives. Yet Mongolia lives off trade of containers, therefore now it is a country which trades with China just like 100 years ago. Only difference is it was camel 100 years ago, now it is containers. Thus there must be only trading tax, yet they also created tax of surplus value coping industrialized countries and accumulate artificial wealth.

A competent state was not created in the past 20 years, rather fat and rich families were created. Capitalism isn’t work of rich and fat people; rather it is work of patriotic and hardworking people who work day and night. Western politicians and economists, who take care of their countries, are patriotic people. There is no concept of patriotism in Mongolia. Therefore there is politic conflict between Chingis, Sukhbaatar and Maidar. As long as black mass called majority keep choosing the Parliament and there is no “Ikh Hural” with elite people, fallacy will continue.

Putin and Xi Jinping know very well that Mongolia still remained how it was first they received Mongolia. Mongolia couldn’t absorb universal knowledge and education, but it also couldn’t learn from universal morality. To do this, they only needed to be a human.

Yet today look at the state. People who want to become ministers. They dream to become parliament members. If you can not become anyone, you become ambassador in foreign country. They say, it is still a minister.

Mongolia didn’t learn anything. They are tricking and faking themselves by hiding the fact that they learned nothing. Soon autumn will arrive. After it is winter. In 1990, they deluded themselves with making a democratic revolution. For whom and with what kind of goal afterwards, did they make revolution? No one can answer it today. A country with self-interest, not with national interest could be misoriented in everyway. Westerners did their job…



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