Democracy crisis become human crisis and inhumane society is created

Mar 01, 2016


March 1st, 2016

Today everybody is talking about crises? Crises of what? It is crises of democracy. Why democracy is in crisis, because we are in crisis of inhumanity. Everything happened during democracy bring Mongolia into the inhumane society.

People who are intensifying this crisis are those who are filled with titles, positions, awards and medals. They go behind the society, not in the front, therefore they destroyed development and advancements of society, modernity and they turn out to be lower than social level so called “mother and father.”

For the first time in history, Mongolians learned about society, literacy, heating during 1940-1990. From 1940-1990, they learned about cotton, started sleeping with bedsheet and have kitchen and sleeping room. Word cotton in Mongolian language is actually Chinese word.

From “100 Erhem” to mining bosses and superstitious people to people with political party life started crises of democracy and they are intensifying it. Furthermore, it is university professors and so called artists. They bring society to lowest level during “Tsagaan Sar” and “Naadam”.

Those low level people who are making Mongolians inhumane are now become people who make decisions about society. They have high salary and income. They are on TV, newspapers and magazines almost everyday. Those people with high titles persuaded the people of Mongolia into their own low level and praise it like it’s a paradise.

Main causers of democracy crisis have already collected all the titles, awards and medals. Some received them twice. Their pension is confirmed at highest level, now they don’t know what to do, therefore at least they write their biographies or poems or book called history, if nothing works they are ready to sing a song. They talk about the local countryside council and become a tribe and praise whose tribe is better. Travel to countryside to do election brainwash or drive through the city with their car for no reason.

They occupied all social topics and closed all possibilities to openly talk about society. These low level people run away from pollution and wander around in abroad if they want to. They will never move their finger for the sake of Mongolians.

They like to wear “deel” made by Chinese silk. They are not aware that without Chinese silk, there is no Mongolian deel. No politicians talk about Ulaanbaatar’s pollution. Rich people won’t talk about Ulaanbaatar’s air pollution. Monks won’t talk about it. These people will never try to advance this society because they are reached lowest level of society, rather they want to show off what they eat and drink, they will be the first to be on TV and magazine covers. They are not only just go by themselves, now they are on the magazines with their kids and cars, even with their dogs.

Any society must become happy society. To do this, it is important that each and every Mongolian person should be happy. Happiness isn’t about money and position “100 erhem” talk about, rather it is living satisfied.

Many people lied for many years to make Mongolians unable to express themselves and live without freedom, therefore now many people are ready to say whatever they want to hear. It is said that when a foreign organization asked Mongolians whether they are happy or not, they hurried to answer yes.

The fact that they said they are happy when Ulaanbaatar is filled with loans and pollutions is the confirmation that they are in deterioaration of human morality. Mongolians have become inhumane.

Democrats caused crises of democracy. They started crises of inhumanity. They made Mongolians immoral. Everybody lies. All diplomas are fake. Titles are fake. Awards are fake. “Tsagaan sar” holiday is fake.

Poets are puppets of political parties. Plus, artists are uneducated and in low professional level, university professors who didn’t read at least one book in foreign language. Fake doctors of science. Monks who cannot say a single sentence in Tibetan language. Economists who understood loan and banks as economy. Monks who are in the level of oligarchy. Supersitious people who brain wash civilians. All of them are representators of people who are in lowest level of society.

In 1990, political game of acting wild, superstitious, falling into loan and credit life began. Proffessions were destroyed, thus Mongolians met 21st century without profession. They don’t have life goal and organization, they lost meaning of their life and became no one. Thus many people commited suicide and died of alcohol during democracy. Hundreds of people went abroad to be refugee. Mongolians have been living pitiful and naive.

Mongolia’s tragic history of jealousy and hostility of each other is still continuing today. They talk about tribe, birthplace, but never their motherland and nation.

Chinese people know they gave us cotton when we do not have “deel”. They know that they gave us buuz and khuushuur, when we had no food. China knew everything. Russia separated us from disease and gave us long life. They made Mongolians civil human with literacy and school, when they were no one. But Mongolia kicked out Russians.

When Mongolians were toxicated with pollution in their ger, Russia and China gave them chimney and heat them and separated them from pollution. Now, it is again time for China and Russia to separate us from pollution. There is no history of America separating us from air pollution. Europe has no history of teaching us literacy. But for gold, they came. They like to come to take out rare natural metal.

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