It is a catastrophe of Mongolia destroying museum of natural history

Dec 21, 2019


-Why do you think it is wrong to demolish museum of natural history?

-Why countries build, protect, resurrect, reform and improve their museums is because those are expression and work of their culture. Children and young people learn about culture through history. Students research their diploma thesis in their museum. We demolished our cultural expression under the name of it being old. Any house and building gets old, but any building can be resurrected. Their reason is too naïve and rude.

-They demolished saying it is too old an soon will collapse.

-They intentionally wait for it to age and collapse itself. It must be renovated when it starts aging. Through this, we can see that Mongolians are distant from cultures and don’t value and respect it. What does it mean when state is waiting for it to collapse, although promised to protect cultural heritages? We are rude people of nation who wreck a culture instead of saving it. We actually wrecked not only building but aslo culture and sciene.

-Why did a Mongolian become distant from culture?

-Humanity left its animalistic side through culture. Therefore the fact that we demolished this museum means we are getting back to our animalistic side. If you are running away from culture, then let’s get rude. Culture is responsibility, issue of reason and it requires a lot from individual, civilian and state. It isn’t same as mining; you can just take out and sell. State doesn’t like to spend money on culture because it doesn’t bring them profit. Depending on how a nation’s people respect their culture, as much as their life will be easy. All social issues including traffic and air pollution happen because we are not cultured. It is not that a car is causing traffic, but drivers. If the driver was cultured, then traffic won’t happen. It seems that we are in crises of morality and human being.

-What is a crisis of human being?

-It means learning to be thankful for someone, respecting what someone created. We might not be able to build it, but we must not demolish what someone has done. In the end, Mongolia was created by its two neighbors. They declared our independence. In 1940, Russia and China helped us and asked us whether we can become an independent country. First, they built us school and hospital because we needed education and health. They said you need engineer and doctor; we will make them study to be one. It is not a morality of human being to demolish what other people did, when you couldn’t do it. We are such an inhumane nation.

-The city has history of only 70 years, but it ruined its museum.

-Since 1949, everyone left their “ger”, moved to Ulaanbaatar and became employed. When we were going to learn culture for the first time, Industry Demolition happened in 1989, so everybody lost their jobs.

People who had job and profession were going back to their local province to work, but someone from democratic party privatized people’s place of work, so everybody became unemployed. Then in 1989 those unemployed people migrated back to Ulaanbaatar. First movement was for culture and education, second was movement of unemployed people back.

Now in 2019, it is demolition of Culture. After this, other museums will be demolished. It started discussing to destroy Theatre of Drama and Theatre of Opera. It started way before, actually. Theatre of People and Theatre of Documentary already became banks. Book stores became Korean restaurant or bars. “Ikh Mongol” pub was book shop before. I see these events as demolition of culture under the name of old wrecked buildings should be destroyed. There are global big companies which renovate buildings. Why can’t we call these specialists who work with museum and let them work? Ulaanbatar is becoming city of uncultured and wild people. Culture is the difference between animal and man.

-Many were opposed, but unfortunately they lost…

-There is no point in opposing on the internet. You must stand around the building, holding each other’s hand, isn’t it? People don’t know that it must be protected. We are demolishing without being grateful to Russia and China who actually built city of Ulaanbaatar. We have such a cold and harsh attitude toward what we didn’t create.

We don’t have history of building architecture and we have history of destroying what others have built. We are people with the history of setting fire on library built by other people. We don’t have history of creating things. We are people who didn’t learn to be cultured, so we have such an ugly and cruel attitude towards it. It is mentality of people without culture.

By demolishing museum of natural history, we revealed what an uneducated, uncultured and low life people we are. People without history cause harms like this. What is created is history; rather we cannot just think that riding horse and shooting arrow as history.

Does it say that, how the people of nation, that is the state they will have?

-Uncivil is issue of each and every civilian. Don’t follow rudeness of the state. Be reasonable. Be always critical towards the state and don’t respect or idolize the state. We can have better government by criticizing and correcting it. This is what we call democracy. People holds right of the state. Therefore 2020 will require a lot of responsibility and reason from the people. Don’t participate in election like before. Ask and require professional education and knowledge from the candidates.

-Generally, what kind of people are we?

-In general, we seem to be becoming uncivil and mass of people who look like just came out of ger, wears “deel” and talks about Chingis. Now in Mongolia, things go well for uncivil people. The more uncivil you are, the more your work goes well and you can be traffic free if you can be rude. How can such superstitious people who talks about tradition, no respect for education can become modern people. We saw that, government cannot do anything. Chief of Constitutional Court turns out to be most uncivil person. There are people who unconsciously became parents. The whole nation is like this. Better people already left. Those who are tied here cannot leave.

-I heard many explanations that any democratic countries overcome a crisis like this?

-It is another superstition to temporarily relax people. It is like a muscle relaxant injection. Crises happen in economy, whereas people must always improve and develop. Society must improve. Society goes for goodness. Economy can fall and grow. It depends on state policy.

Example from other countries has nothing to do with us. Such a strange country like us doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. It is impossible to compare. I’m not a philosopher who came out of “ger”. I learned universal education by coming to Germany and graduated as doctor of philosophy and physics there. I don’t know how can we keep on living by defraud, without industry and culture. Are we always going to live begging from Russia and China? We still are beggars who cannot manage ourself. When Russia and China will close their borders, we will just kill each other.

-Are you saying museum demolishment is something more than just land deal and political interest?

-Embarassing. Shameful. Refusing from culture is becoming animal. Such uncivil people cannot work out their brain. They demolish however they want. It can be land deal. We don’t know the political interest behind it. Whatever it is, it was demolished by tyranny. I saw how they demolished it. On facebook, there are people commenting that a Chinese building was demolished, so what. If they destroy Chinese buildings, there will be no Ulaanbaatar city, Gandan, Bogd Museum, Erdene Zuu, Amarbayasgalan. If Mongolians have no interest to develop by always talking about tradition, then it must be announced.

-What does this event of demolishing museum of nature expressing?

-Stuffed animals in the museum were already decayed to the point of being unable to smell. They couldn’t find someone to guard the museum, so they run away and locked it. They were waiting for it to collapse and so they were happy to see it starting to collapse, because it was the last place in Mongolia expressing education. They are relaxed by demolishing it. Why? Because there were ape and meteor in it. Big two facts against “afterlife, blue sky, lord of sky, sky created us bullshit” They were facts about evolution, Darwin, Newton, astrology and science. This museum was the only treasure remaining from Mongolian science sector. Again, superstition won and education lost. Mongolians didn’t move forward even little bit. We still don’t believe in knowledge, education and science. We still are superstitious.

-There is a culture of visiting museums with our children…

-We would have shown to our children science, zoology and what animals were living in Bogd Mountain. There were 60 species of animals in Bogd Mountain. Now there are houses of riches living in Bogd Mountain. Now there are just people with nice clothes who come to the mountain to eat what they brought, called themselves “hikers.” So, now what we do is it go to Korean supermarket named “Emart” with our children and buys them KFC burgers, because we don’t have anything else to show them.


-I hope the museum exhibitions are reserved.

-I think they are all stolen. Some people probably took deer furs and put it in their home or in their car. We must explain about an animal and teach children to love them. Yet we are people who hunt and kill, eat animal organs raw and drink the blood, so we are able to demolish it easily. Such a wild people are living in 21st century. Tourists come every summer to see it. Do such people really exist or not, they wonder. Everyone has deep psychological problem and superstitions, believe in afterlife and ghost, so we demolished education, knowledge and science. No one protected it. Academy of Science, National University of Mongolia and University of Agriculture didn’t protect it.

-What are we going to do in the future?

-Development! All in all, we must develop the people, so that this country can develop. Our herdstock is under state protection by constitution. Those changing constitution should put people, culture and education under state protection. If people won’t develop, what are you going to do with gold and money? When government officials finally have money, they run away to America with their wife and children. They find money but don’t spend it on culture and education of the people. I didn’t find money, but I keep writing books. I didn’t say I will write book after I get rich.



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