Dalai Lama is enemy of Mongolia’s independence

Mar 18, 2019

With Mongolian Independence Day happening, we invited philosopher Molor-Erdene.S for our “Expert Talking” corner under the topic “Mongolian Independence Day and Dalai Lama”.

-Recently XIV Dalai Lama made four days visit in our country. Before his visit the article you wrote titled “It is time for reveal that what we become to Dalai Lama” seems to have sensation.

-Dalai Lama should apologize for ignoring independence of Mongolia.

-Really, why should he apologize?

-I will provide a serious argument here. First of all, he globally put us in embarrassing situation by ignoring our independence. One stranger arrived, ruined mind of the people, ravaged politics, disrupted normally functioning daily lives and works, caused fights among internet users, created inner turmoil and hostility, finally left us by putting our economic and political situations in difficulty. This has happened before. The fact that such people are being repatriated and even praised by some is a demonstration to the world that we are naive, obedient, superstitious, and ready to destroy our future development. In truth, the world is laughing at us. What is wrong with this country? Someone just came and go by ruining their life. No one knows by whose visa and invitation he arrived. Now it isn’t known who invited Dalai Lama. This literally showed that we are not intellectually independent country and anyone can come to this country and cause chaos, and we are country without father. Countries other than ours do not allow Dalai Lama to cross their border so easily like this. They are careful and examine where he goes, who he meets, and what he talks about. If China didn’t give statement before he arrives, Mongolian politicians would have wander around with him and give away some land to him.

Rich Mongolians would probably gift car, jeep and house. Imagine what would have happened on Sukhbaatar Square. They couldn’t do it. If what I just mentioned did happen, it would have been embarrassing. Rather than Dalai Lama putting us in shameful situation, we would put ourselves in such situation. Now politicians are in shock over the fact that they couldn’t do what they planned before he arrived. All of them have Dalai Lama’s pictures at their home and even in their place of work and worship it.

Secondly, the winter is starting in Mongolia. We must import everything including children’s stationary to building materials and fuel from Russia and China, Our whole economy is based on China. In such situation, he went after putting us in difficult situation by causing political crisis between us and our neighbor countries furthermore froze important projects.

-What do you mean by political crisis?

-Politic crisis means Mongolia has no ability to independently run its politic policies. Mongolian politics is losing to Dalai Lama. It means Dalai Lama just joked with Mongolian politics. Now Mongolia is left with debt to Chinese politics. Look at statements from Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are working in high level. Yet are we able to give proper answers in same level? No, because we are too simple are disabled. We are not being able to give the proper answer to statements made in high level. This is a big example that we are politic crisis.

-Then what is your explanation about Dalai Lama? There are people who worship him as leader of religion among Mongolians?

-Why are we dying to see Dalai Lama? Why are we afraid of Tibet? We have this atmosphere that Tibetans are great, Dalai Lama is great, he is the great teacher, no one can criticize and oppose him. When we view it without faith and emotion, Tibet belongs to China and Tibetan citizen is Chinese citizen. Same goes with Dalai Lama. He is citizen of Tibet, which means citizen of China. Tibet is a place left behind global development by hundreds of years and fallen into superstition and exists without any education and modern hospital. Dalai Lama is who made his country in this way. The fact that Tibet is lost to superstition is because of Dalai Lama. He absorbed all the fruits of this country and possessed all the wealth to himself. He is obviously citizen of China. He is just a person who participates in political performances against China and wanders around the world.

He announced movement called Free Tibet and earns high salary from political organizations against China, especially from American central intelligence agency. Indeed if he really was someone living for his country, he must live with his people. Why is he going around taking money from everywhere? This is who he is and there is nothing else going on.

-Why are we worshipping him?

-Actually we separated from him 100 years ago. We suffered under Tibetan oppression for hundreds of years. Between these years everything became Tibetan. Tibetan monks came and changed Mongolians names. Everybody started having Tibetan name. Our mother, father, grandparents all have Tibetan name. It is rare for a Mongolian to have a Mongolian name Subedei. Someone named Chinggis is rare. Yet names called Gochoo, Danzan are popular.

After they changed myths of Mongolian people, they made everyone Bogd. If you see carefully all heroes in Mongolian fairytales are Bogd. Or there is image of getting blessing from him. We are in deep poisoning of spirit, mind and feeling. Therefore we read Tibetan fairytales, call our parents by Tibetan names and our monasteries have books in Tibetan language and we read books in Tibetan. Mongolian man started degrading his own language. He worships Tibetan language. It is almost like Mongolian language is not official language in Mongolia. What I want to say is to be liberated from Tibet. We became slave of Tibet. This is big disgrace. Before we talk about independence we must become spiritually free from Tibet and need to find our spiritual independence. At least we need to throw away photos of Dalai Lama from hospital, school, political organizations and universities.

-What was his true intention behind visiting Mongolia?

-He is attempting to cause conflict with China and close our borders. Imagine that China and |Russia close their border. What will happen? We want to overcome, survive the cold winter. What will we do without petrol, clothes and goods? Whose fault is it that we are economically completely dependent on China? It is our fault. We destroyed innovations and facrories from socialism. Indeed today we are unable to take care of ourselves. No chance.

There are those who talk about importing products from Japan. Yet if they want it, China and Russia easily prohibit flight over their territories. Therefore importing by plane is a fairytale. Faraway America won’t care about us. They only take natural resources from poor countries and get out. There is no country developed by following America, whereas there are a lot of countries which developed following China and Russia. We cannot deny the reality.

To remind you again, Dalai Lama left after disgracing us. He planned to come during the cold winter instead of summer. He caused conflict between us and China. Now his next work is causing conflict with Russia. This is mission from CIA. It is transparent news on the internet that he takes money from CIA. Anyone can read it.

Even he was talking about American Presidential Election, Trump and politics. He appears as someone with monk clothes to us, yet in truth he is different man. He wants to make us second Ukraine by putting us against China and Russia. No need to mention our independence. Dalai Lama fulfilled his mission. To fulfill the next one, he will come again.

We are giving wrong impression to our neighbors, who always support us. We got degraded by someone with superstition and mission from faraway place, finally to remain conflicted among each other. It just shows who is a Mongolian man today. We are cowards.

Tibetans fooled and disgraced us intellectually together with Manchus. After the fall of Manchus, they dominated solely, causing conflict against China and Russia and keep us from development. So called 1930’s repression was repression of Tibet.

Tibetan monks attempted to oppress Mongolian monks and stop them from development. Russia and China helped us, not oppressed us. Look at buildings in Ulaanbaatar. How many were built by China and Russia?

Even today Chinese are building glass buildings in Ulaanbaatar. Most intellectuals in Mongolia studied in Russia. Mongolian universities and parties all have Russian Diploma. All Mongolian riches got rich by privatizing developments from socialism. Isn’t it disgrace that they received education from Russia, yet worshipping Dalai Lama? What a big loss. Youngsters studied in Europe yet most still have superstition. Mongolians are not students of Dalai Lama. Isn’t Mongolia country of education? Not a country of superstition, isn’t it? Are government palace, rooms of high profile politicians and university professor going to be filled with portrait of Dalai Lama? Mongolia isn’t country of Dalai Lama.

-Why are we stirring after superstition so much? Why are we still not independent from Tibetan brainwashing?

There are three big misconceptions. First, the fact that Tibetans debugged 1930’s repression from them and manipulated us saying Russians and China repressed us. Look at how ready we are to believe whatever Dalai Lama says. Of course illiterate Mongolians in 1930s easily believe. Russia and China together made us a city called Ulaanbaatar with literate people and founded schools and hospitals. Second is false explanation about socialism. Mongolia had industry, did huge constructions and developed following humanity.

Third misconception is that democracy will save Mongolia. Yet everything including school, hospital, big companies was based on socialist developments. Democracy didn’t open Mongolia’s border.

Superstition is something followed by people without self-independence and filled with fear. Why are we worshipping Dalai Lama? Are we all going to monasteries and sit there like 100 years ago? Who is making us so? We thought we had a policy to protect Mongolia, but we don’t. We thought we had state working for the development and future of Mongolia, but we didn’t. Where is Constitutional Court? Where is National Security? Where is a Strategy and Policy institute? Where is an analysis that if Dalai Lama comes, there will be harmful consequence on Mongolian politics? If they did their work right, we wouldn’t have been in embarrassing situation before China. We say independence, but independent from who?

-So what now?

-National Security must do its job and needs to prevent from next action. Dalai Lama will come again to cause conflict with Russia. Therefore they need to act not to make him come again in next ten years and announce it internationally. They need to make him apologize to Mongolian people that he needs to say he will not come to Mongolia again. He should feel guilty about our biggest economic partner country made such statements.

Otherwise, due to this political crisis, economic crisis will deepen. It means people will get hungry. People do anything, when they are hungry. People in ger district will be hungry first.

People in Zaisan won’t. Then we will be put in food stamps like in 1990s. To take a country, make artificial issues about foods and create food stamps. Psychological shock is their method. In 1990, domestic thieves made us hungry and put us in food stamps, whereas today it will be foreign thieves come and make us 2nd Ukraine. Dalai Lama prepared us for foreign colonizers. A butler called Dalai Lama wants to make us enemy of Russia and China. Just same as Ukraine.

-How well our state and parliament members are working from your point of view?

-Politic isn’t mere election to be done once in four years. Election is small part of politics made by parties. Big politic is managing one’s country and here we have no system to prepare a Mongolian man for it. We are doing small politics very well. We are good in making election and fighting with each other. Yet we are unable to go beyond the party, manage our country and work on international stage, because we are not prepared. Those who say they are working for the state didn’t even read basic political theories.

Politic crisis is due to the fact that we are incapable. See what statement our foreign minister is making. The reason why they cannot give sharp answer is because they don’t have the education for it. Is there someone who has read Plato and Aristotle among them? Did you see the statement made from China? It is filled with Confucius doctrine and philosophy. Thus we need to give philosophical answer which was thought very well.



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