“Central Asian-Khorezmian philosophy”

Dec 20, 2021

The sixth lecture, which took place last Saturday, was on the topic “Central Asian-Khorezmian philosophy”. The Khorezm Empire has been able to become very prosperous since the time of Persia.

Al-Biruni lived about 1000 years ago, who became the first Khorezm philosopher. Exactly the same greats Al-Farabi and Ibn Sina Avicenna were born in Khorezm. But they went to Baghdad and became great Arab-Islamic philosophers, while Al-Biruni remained in Khorezm and wrote his philosophical and scientific books in his homeland.

If you look at these great philosophers, who were born and lived along the Great Silk Road, it is clear that the Silk Road was not just a trade route, but also a cultural one. In a word, this was the path of philosophy.

Hundreds of years after Khorezm, such independent countries as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan appeared. This lecture introduces the books of the philosophers of these peoples.

For example, such philosophers as Balasaguni, Navai, Makhtumkuli and Sadriddin did a great educational work for their people and wrote many books.

Finally, we talked about a Kazakh philosopher named Abai.

The next lecture will be on the topic "Russian Philosophy and European Influence".


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Thanks for the good article. Looking forward to new ones.

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