“Philosophy of the 21st century - mind and brain“.

Dec 27, 2021

The annual lecture cycle ended last Saturday with the theme "Philosophy of the 21st century - mind and brain".

In the last lecture 10, I talked about which topics were important, which topics of philosophy are studied most often today and how I interact with Mongolian philosophy and world philosophy.

Thoughts, feelings, imaginations and opinions are all ancient themes, but they are still important today.

What is knowledge, what is truth, what is beautiful and what is good are important topics in my philosophy.

Brain researchers are working on how to treat brain diseases, not on psychological topics. They use the results of brain research to study and treat many conditions, such as dementia or increased tremors in old age.

After the lecture, we handed a letter of thanks to the participants from Ulaanbaatar. So we sent it digitally to people overseas.

As the last word of the lecture, I ended with the words of the writer Chekhov, who taught me how to live. At the age of 17, I read Chekhov's books and became interested in philosophy.

This week will end the last week of the certificate and fall 2021.


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