Three Yellow Books

Feb 13, 2022



In the book, "Who am I?" concept written with the history of Indian philosophy. Because the Indians conflicted with this question very early on. For centuries, Indian philosophers had always been making priority of asking and answering the concept of "I". Before we say “I”, "What am I not?", Indian philosophy emphasizes the importance of not question.

"Who am I?" is not an easy question to answer. Because "I" is not given, but it needs to be "I become." Today, neuroscientists are still trying to answer this ancient question. This book explains in depth that this is not just a question of brain.



"Who are we?" The question of We are important and valuable because “We” will do everything to become a society and nation. Therefore, all the "I" must unite and become the "We".

The purpose of this book is to integrate the concept of "we" with the development of Chinese philosophy, emphasizing the importance of the concept of "we", which is the hidden expression behind Chinese philosophy. Because the "I" cannot exist without the "We" at all.

The Chinese people have great moral philosophical works called "We" and a history of state philosophy called "We". Book talks about that people who are true to their “we” have a state that respects “we” in a same way.



Who is a person? What are human characteristics? When did all these concepts of humanity, human being, human world come from? "Who is a person?" Arab philosophy is written in this book to answer this question. One of the great importance of Arabic philosophy is, they asked this question from long time ago.

The Arab world has long focused on the important philosophical questions of how to become human, and generations of Arab and Islamic philosophers have written books and established schools to teach them. In this book, you can learn how much progress and development the Arab-Islamic world has brought to humanity.



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