The 2022 lecture will begin on February 26

Mar 09, 2022

Order of the day of the month

February 26 Lecture 1: Marx and how to change the world

March 5 Lecture 2: Marx's Manifesto and the Political Party

March 12 Lecture 3: Mark Capital and Bitcoin

March 19 Lecture 4: Nietzsche and how to work with yourself

March 26 Lecture 5: Nietzsche's top man and social media

April 2 Lecture 6: This is Nietzsche's world and rebirth

April 9 Lecture 7: Sartre and Psychology

April 16 Lecture 8: Being like Sartre and being who you are

April 23 Lecture 9: Sartre's humanism and transhumanism

April 30 Lecture 10: The end of history and the end of man





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Very interesting and informative article on design. I learned a lot of new and interesting.

Jessica Miller1 min ago

I agree, a very interesting article. Thank you very much! nerd

Henry William15 min ago

Thanks for the good article. Looking forward to new ones.

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