Tomorrow's Lecture 2 will feature the Marx Manifesto

Mar 09, 2022

Let's talk about the famous saying: "Proletarians of all countries unite." Since the philosopher Zhizhek wrote a book on this subject, we will explain it and give examples of why a new manifesto is needed today.

The French philosopher Derrida also wrote a book urging Marx to read it over and over again.

In the previous Lecture 1, I explained Marx's political theories and the peculiarities and development of society. History is the history of the culture and intellectual development of a nation. If the development of the mind stops, it is the same as the end of history.

In tomorrow's lecture we will explain the similarities and differences between the 3 philosophers.

Marx was the leader in collecting opinions about who is the greatest philosopher in the world. Let's meet the greatest philosopher tomorrow.



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Daniel Lewi5 min ago

Very interesting and informative article on design. I learned a lot of new and interesting.

Jessica Miller1 min ago

I agree, a very interesting article. Thank you very much! nerd

Henry William15 min ago

Thanks for the good article. Looking forward to new ones.

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